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🏆 We are South Africa’s preferred registered third party CIPC provider 🏆

Mawe Consulting has a dedicated team of qualified and experienced Business Consultants that know and understand the challenges that come with starting up and running a business on a daily basis, as well as the ins and out of registering, amending and keeping a company legally compliant in South Africa. We specialize in helping groups and individuals just like yourself who need reliable, affordable and hassle-free company registration services.

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Hi Guys, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, as well as congratulate you on the wonderful services you provided us with, especially at the early stages of our business.

We are happy to let you know that we are now in the process of opening up a second store, thanks to your assistance in registering our company, as well as to the lovely website and cost-effective Google Ads campaign that you have set up for us, our business definitely seems to be heading in the right direction and beyond!

Nazeer Khan

Owner & CEO, Khan Butcheries

Good Day Zanele & Team, thank you so much for helping us register a company in quick and conveniently, without any hassles. Your assistance in this regard is highly appreciated and we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

As we speak, your IT guys are currently busy helping us set up our network, printers, and workstations at our new offices here in Bryanston. We will be keeping in touch with you for more services like DStv and CCTV installations, as we also need that done ASAP.

Adam Peterson

Co-Owner & Director, Peterson & Associates

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a company name?

Company name” is a noun phrase that is used on legal papers and other forms when dealing with a company as an artificial person or legal entity. Typically in these cases, “your” would not proceed “company name” because the legal company represents itself.

This phrase is used in correspondence between the company and another legal entity.


Do I need a company name?

Although the  CIPC does not require new companies to have a “company name” in order to start operating in South Africa (as a “company registration number” is what is needed to start operating immediately), most individuals and groups often opt for the option to also reserve a human friendly “company name, either before or after their companies have been registered.

So the answer to the question varies (meaning it is both “no” and “yes” depending on your current needs, see below.

No: The answer to this question is “no” if you know that your business does not need to have a human-friendly name and yet you still want to operate your business legally in South Africa or for those who want to start operating their business legally as quickly as possible and will later apply for the company name (a process that tends to take a bit longer, because of human intervention at CIPC). The answer can also be no because this is not a requirement by the CIPC.

Yes: The answer to the question above is “yes” if your business needs to have a human-friendly name and you are willing to wait up to 5 business days to have your company fully registered with CIPC.

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